We're just in the area in front of Toyama Station.Our biggest source of pride is our Guinness.We have many familiar canned and bottled beers, but there are very few bars in Toyama that have Guinness on tap like us.

The way the bubbles quietly separate into a creamy head over the beer below, it's almost like a living, breathing ocean of foam.Everyone who drinks it loves it.

We pride ourselves more on this than other regular beers.At Pot Still,we keep strict control over the quality of our beer.Feel free to enjoy every bit of this always exquisite beer,straight from Cork, Ireland.

Cover charge:Nothing (Free!)


How about a game of darts or pool with friendly people like you? They're the perfect games for a drink and a nice chat.It's a great way to get to know the people around you.

If it's your first time, our staff are always willing to help,just let us know.Our skillful staff will teach you,from the basic rules to good technique.Plus,players from all around gather at Pot Still,so you have the chance to meet and play with them too !


Here at Pot Still, we serve many types of food, such as traditional British food like Fish and Chips, and pizza, all made from scratch. From very filling food to beer snacks to nibble on, our menu is the real secret to Pot Still’s magic. Have something great to drink, and try one or two things from our menu.

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